• Vegan Thanksgiving Stuffing Balls #myvegetarianfamily

    Vegan Stuffing Balls

    Vegan Stuffing Balls Need a Thanksgiving side dish perfect for vegetarians, vegans, aspiring vegetarians, kids, or just about anyone? These cutie vegan stuffing balls are the perfect bite-size side dish…

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  • Cranberry Spinach Salad #myvegetarianfamily

    Cranberry Spinach Salad

    Cranberry Spinach Salad My mother texted me yesterday reminding me to not forget about the cranberries for Thanksgiving.  I thought about it for a moment.  I replied that I was…

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  • Vegan Homemade Loaf for Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving Seitan Roast

    Thanksgiving Seitan Roast: Perfect Vegetarian Holiday Meal What to make for the vegetarians on Thanksgiving? Let me think …. I feel as though I have a rare contagious disease on…

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  • Instant Pot Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes Cooked in Instant Pot affiliate links included* If you know me or you have been following my recipes, you know I love my Instant Pot. I cook something in…

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  • Pumpkin Quinoa Pumpkin Breakfast Bowl Vegan Gluten Free

    Pumpkin Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

    Pumpkin Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: Quick, Easy, Healthy Breakfast Tired of oatmeal for breakfast? Looking for more protein? Want a healthy breakfast for any day of the week? Something that is…

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  • Vegan Mini Corn Bread Muffins #myvegetarianfamily

    Vegan Corn Bread Muffins

    Vegan Corn Bread Muffins Corn bread.  Is it really bread? What makes a bread a bread? I was interested in making (and eating) corn bread but not interested so much…

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  • No Egg Zucchini Bread With Banana Vegan

    Zucchini Bread

    Zucchini Bread: Moist, Healthy, Delicious, Eggless! Zucchinis are a such a great food for vegetarians, aspiring vegetarians, and just about everyone in between! So many options … You can roast…

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