• Blender Waffle with Bananas #myvegetarianfamily

    Easy Blender Waffles

    Easy Blender Waffles Waffles so easy you will want to eat them every day! These easy blender waffles are the kind of waffles you can eat every day! Bananas + GF…

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  • PB&Berry Smoothie #myvegetarianfamily

    Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie

    Peanut Butter Berry Smoothie Sundays are for smoothies around here.  This week has been a busy week getting going so this Sunday we will take time to enjoy a…

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  • Green Apple Smoothie Vitamin Packed Goodness #myvegetarianfamily

    Green Apple Smoothie

    Green Apple Smoothie: Green Apple + Spinach + Coconut Water I’ve never met a green smoothie I did not love.  BUT not everyone can say the same thing.  I happen…

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  • pumpkin siggis vanilla yogurt smoothie

    Pumpkin Smoothie

    Pumpkin Smoothie Recipe: Pumpkin + Cinnamon  + Vanilla Yogurt We have already established that I love fall and all things pumpkin.  Hopefully by now you are joining my love of…

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