About Us

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My vegetarian family mission:

Live a clean lifestyle

Respect life in all forms, human and animal.

Inspire others to do the same.

Provide a place to connect, learn, grow, and love all things that make up a vegetarian family.

About The Family:

The family members of MyVegetarianFamily.com believe that all life forms deserve respect, compassion, and just treatment and they all hope to inspire others to live the same way.  Being vegetarian doesn’t have to be complicated.  It’s that simple.  We have lived through many phases of life as vegetarians.  We have learned the tools to survive and navigate the world without eating meat.  Now we would like to share that knowledge with you.  We believe that nothing deserves to lose its life so that we can eat. From lunch boxes and busy work days to road trips and travel, we know that it can still can be manageable and fun!