10 Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

10 Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution #myvegetarianfamily

Tara’s Tuesday Tips:

10 Tips To Help You Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution

  1. Start with ‘Why”: You’ve heard this before from me. My absolute favorite book is by Simon Sinek.  Start with Why.  If you don’t have the why, you are setting yourself up for failure. Maybe you know ‘what’ you have to do to reach your goal, but do you know ‘why’ you are doing it?
  2. Why now?: Make it about now. Not something 5 years from now.  What is going on in your life now that will push you to accomplish your goal. What can you do now to make that dream a reality?
  3. Communicate: Tell people! Especially tell people that are going to hold you accountable or that have a similar goal. Social media or in person, just do it.
  4. Set up your life to minimize temptation: Play offense, not defense, with your willpower. People with the best self-control are the ones that use their willpower less often. My favorite example is, if it isn’t in your house it can’t make it in your stomach 😉. Don’t put yourself in a situation that tempts your willpower (yet!).
  5. Be specific and clear: “I am going to save money this year” vs “I am going to make a new household budget that allows me to save 10% of my weekly paycheck with an automatic savings deposit every week in 2018”. See the difference? Same applies to your health.  “I am going to lose weight this year” vs “I am going to walk every night after dinner for 30 minutes”.  Very different. More achievable.
  6. Don’t Overreact To A Setback: Don’t let one small setback derail your entire plan. In the diet and nutrition world, it is called “counter-regulatory eating” but it certainly can be applied to any goal. Eating one donut may cause a person to feel as though they have blown their entire day’s eating and they end up eating the whole dozen.  They ultimately have caused more harm than if they had just accepted that they ate one donut and moved on back to their healthy habits.
  7. Reward Yourself: The reward system needs to be built into the plan. For me, I reward myself with yoga.  It may sound crazy, but it is motivation for me to get things done.  I view yoga as sort of, well, an extra.  It is an expense in time and money that I only let myself do two times per week if I have accomplished the things on my list.  Humans like to be rewarded … coins and banners in video games, trophies, ribbons, paychecks 😊.
  8. Keep Track of Progress Visually: Visual progress can be a reward in itself. So many fitness apps reward milestones such as weight lost, miles run, steps taken, calories eaten.  Even in the finance world there are apps that track savings, expenses, and even group expenses into categories to help see where money is being spent and saved.  The tech world is full of gadgets to help support your resolutions. This is a must. Don’t like apps? Get a journal!
  9. Make Time For Review: It isn’t enough to have the app or the journal (or the human friend) that is going to help keep track of your efforts towards your goal. You need to make time to review the progress. For me (and my desire to go to yoga), my review is twice per week.  Some say it should be twice per day, giving you the opportunity to readjust before getting too far off course or to motivate you to keep at it. Whatever time you choose, put it in the plan in the beginning.
  10. Be prepared to readjust: Kids, job, pets, money, travel, distractions. I know. Just slightly readjust the goal. Life will get in the way but when you do #1-9 on the list, you create a safety net so that when life does get in the way you can get back to that resolution and one step closer to that goal.  You have resolved to change. You are already closer than you were in 2017.

I hope you are all off to a great start in 2018.  If your goal is health or to learn how easy it is to be vegetarian, let me know, I can help! 

All the best,

Tara ♥

Here are some resources I used to create my list that you might enjoy too: https://startwithwhy.com/, https://lifehacker.com/how-to-create-and-succeed-at-personal-goals-in-the-comi-1790986202, http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/08/sunday-review/new-years-resolutions-stick-when-willpower-is-reinforced.html, https://www.menshealth.com/guy-wisdom/best-new-years-resolutions, https://www.wanderlustworker.com/setting-s-m-a-r-t-e-r-goals-7-steps-to-achieving-any-goal/.


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