Instant Pot Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Blueberry Quinoa Instant Pot Breakfast #myvegetarianfamily

Instant Pot Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

If you have never had quinoa for breakfast, what are you waiting for ?!?!?! This Instant Pot Quinoa Breakfast Bowl is SO EASY to make you will not believe it! Let’s talk about healthy, yep, super healthy and did I mention easy? No more excuses … yes you can eat a healthy breakfast even on busy mornings!

Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bowl Recipe #myvegetarianfamily

Quinoa + Almond Milk

So you ask, “Tara, how is this possible?”

Tara answers,

2 cups rinsed quinoa + 2 cups almond milk  + set your Instant Pot for 1 minute + let steam release naturally + spoon into bowl + top it AND eat it!

Quinoa Cooked in Amond Milk Instant Pot

Cooking the Quinoa in Almond Milk yields a fluffy, nutty, hearty quinoa perfect for breakfast.  Want the full recipe for Basic Instant Pot Quinoa with my tips, click here.  Aren’t really into the whole quinoa thing? (Really?!?!) Read my article here and you will be a believer. Don’t have an Instant Pot? WHY NOT?!? You can get one right here (affiliate link), you’re welcome! Don’t know where to by organic quinoa? Right here! (affiliate link). I have just officially shut down all of your excuses for not eating a healthy breakfast!

Instant Pot Quinoa Breakfast Bowl not enough? Need more breakfast inspiration? How about Basic Chia Pudding, or Zucchini Bread?


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