Travel Tips For Vegetarians

Taras Tuesday Tips Vegetarian Travel Guide

Tara’s Tuesday Tips:

Travel Tips for Vegetarians

  1. Pack a bag: My bag is always full of food when I travel. Anyone that has ever traveled with me knows that I am stocked full of vegetarian mini meals, snacks, protein powders, bars, nuts, dried fruits and anything else that can act as nourishment when we are faced with the I-am-very-hungry-and-all-that-is-here-to-eat-is-meat crisis. You know what I’m talking about.
  2. The airport: Oh, the airport. This is probably the worst part for the travelling vegetarian. Pack your own food! On the way there packing your own food is easy, for on the way back you will need to scope out the whole airport, look at the map, and make as-good-as-it-gets choices.  My article about how to survive eating out as a vegetarian will help you in the airport.
  3. I don’t need to say much more. is your new favorite website (besides 😊). They also have an app.  You can find whatever vegan/vegetarian restaurant or grocery store you need in the city you are travelling to.
  4. Don’t be shy: Speak up for yourself! If you are in the hotel or in a restaurant or at someone’s home or in the airport, you can’t expect them to know you don’t eat meat! Most people are willing to accommodate vegetarians if you educate them on what you can and can’t eat.
  5. Translate: If you are travelling out of the country, translate a few terms and keep them on your phone or on a notecard that you can show someone when you are ordering food or eating with others. This will prevent you from mistakenly ordering a meat dish because you got the wording wrong.
  6. Book a room with a kitchen: or at least a mini refrigerator. This will make your life SO much easier.  You will need to just find a grocery store or market and you will be all set.
  7. Helpful Apps:
  • VeganXpress
  • Happy Cow
  • Vegetarious
  • Veggoagogo & Veganagogo
  • Vegman
  1. Eat Local: When MyVegetarianFamily travels we seriously live by the 7 tips in this article. Anyone that has travelled with us knows for sure we do #4 but more relevant to my tips today is #2 – Go Local. Experience the community, a local farmers market, take a walking tour of the neighborhoods, dine at the small local restaurants. What you will find is these small, locally owned eateries are so happy to accommodate your dietary needs as opposed to a set menu at a large chain restaurant.
  2. Be flexible: Dessert for breakfast, pancakes for dinner, a protein bar for lunch, multiple appetizers to make a meal, whatever it is that is different or not in the norm for your family, try to be flexible. Remember, it is about the experience.  You can drink detox smoothies for a few days when you get back.  Enjoy the scenery and your travel companions and don’t sweat it.
  3. Social Media: Facebook pages, Instagram hashtags #myvegetarianfamily 😉, twitter, subscribe to vegetarian/vegan blogs. If you are not 20-something this all might be new to you but get used to it.  This is how information travels and if you want good information … get social.

Need recipes for snacks to pack? How about Homemade Chewy Peanut Butter Granola Bars or Almond Butter Power Bites or Cranberry Energy Bites or 3 Ingredient Cookies?

Happy Travels,

Tara ♥