Ten Reasons You Should Eat Avocado

Tara's Tuesday Tips Ten Reasons To Eat Avocado

Tara’s Tuesday Tips:

Ten Reasons You Should Eat Avocado

  1. Great Skin: I put this as number one because who doesn’t want magical, radiant skin just by eating something delicious?!? I won’t get too science-nerd on you but free radicals are bad for your skin. They are unstable and block good cells from rejuvenating. The oil in avocado has been found to stop that process allowing good healthy skin cells to grow! Want to read the science for yourself? Here is a study that explains it.
  2. Healthy Hair: Avocados contain 20% of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin E! Vitamin E protects body tissues from damage. Count me in.
  3. Good Fat: Seems like an oxymoron, am I right? Anyway, it isn’t. Good fat is good for you. Avocados are an abundant source of the good fat, also known as monounsaturated fat.  This type of fat helps improve blood lipid profiles meaning less chance of stroke and heart attack.
  4. See better: Avocados have high levels of carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, which help prevent macular degeneration and cataracts.
  5. Eating avocados helps you lose weight: With a high water content, avocados fill you up decreasing the chance that you will be hungry soon after eating and therefore you eat less!
  6. Helps regulate blood sugar: Great news for diabetics! This study, performed at the University of Loma Linda in California, found that eating an avocado helps stabilize blood sugar in diabetics after their meals. For those not diabetic that means that eating an avocado with your meal helps prevent the ups and downs that you may feel after eating. During the ‘down’ is when you look for food again and the vicious cycle is very hard to break.
  7. Reduce Inflammation: Research is finding that inflammation is responsible for diseases that have puzzled the world of medical research for a very long time (asthma, Alzhimer’s disease, arthritis, and cancers). Avocados are high in oleic acid which helps fight inflammation. Hooray!
  8. Fiber: Are you tired of me talking about fiber yet?!?! Yep, avocados are high in fiber. You know what that means by now … better digestion, feel fuller, stable blood sugars, decreased appetite.
  9. Energy Boosting: Avocados are a great combination of fat, protein, and carbs meaning that it is the perfect addition to a meal helping to slow the absorption of the carbohydrates giving you a slow, steady release of energy. Perfect food for breakfast and for all my running friends! Here is my avocado toast recipe to get you started. Want to eat it for dinner? Dice it up on top of some vegetarian chili. 
  10. Makes you happy: No, not just because they taste good but because avocados are high in potassium and folate. There have been several studies including this one that have shown that people suffering with depression often have low potassium levels. What an easy fix … eat an avocado!

Nee more reading about Avocados? Start with this website for avocado facts, and how-to’s.

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