Thanksgiving Survival Guide For Vegetarians


Tara’s Tuesday Tips: Thanksgiving Survival Guide for Vegetarians

  1. BYO_: Bring your own whatever. Small dish, big dish, salad, appetizer, side dish, dessert, whatever. Bring enough to eat and share.
  2. Call ahead: If you are the host, call your vegetarian guest, ask them what vegetarian dishes they prefer, ask them to bring something! If you are the guest, call the host and give them some tips about feeding a vegetarian, offer to bring something.
  3. Hidden meat products: be wary, there might be meat in it even if it isn’t the turkey–
    • Chicken or turkey broth in the potatoes, stuffing, or veggies
    • Cross contamination with the meat spoon
    • Fish sauces in Italian or Asian side dishes
    • Sausage in the stuffing
    • just ask! OR don’t eat it
    • Not used to eating out as a vegetarian? Read this.
  4. Not a time for protest: It is Thanksgiving, not a PETA event. Enough said.
  5. Avoid the drama: It is amazing how many holiday movies there are with scenes of comedic (but true) family feuds. Feuds started over the most minuscule detail.  Don’t be that person.
  6. Change Tradition: Tradition is a weird thing on holidays.  We sometimes get into what I call a ‘tradition rut’ and we do the same things year after year.  Then one year something changes, and we fear it. If we are open to it, that small change can evolve into new opportunities, friendships, and ideas. Never had a vegan over for Thanksgiving dinner? New tradition! Don’t fear it, embrace it. “Change is a challenge & and opportunity, not a threat” – Prince Phillip
  7. Be the host: if possible, host the dinner yourself.  You will be surprised how willing others can be to trying new foods when given the opportunity.
  8. Be prepared to answer, “why you are vegetarian”? How could you do that? Why do you do that? Where do you get your protein? (ugh) Don’t you want to break the rules just one day a year (no!) Come prepared with polite, informative answers. Don’t have any? Read this. Think you will need to defend why your kids are vegetarian? Read this.
  9. BE GRATEFUL: Thanksgiving is about being grateful. If you are the host, be grateful to have the annoying vegetarian over even though it was a little more work.  Maybe they were actually fun to have around.  They didn’t eat a lot so you have more leftovers for sandwiches. If you are the vegetarian, be grateful that you are surrounded by people who wanted you to be with them even though they may feel bothered or threatened by you being different. Remember why you are vegetarian and be grateful you were wise enough to adhere to your beliefs.  One less turkey lost its life 🙂 grateful turkey.
  10. Need a recipe for a vegetarian dish?

Thanksgiving Survival Tips for Vegetarians #myvegetarianfamily

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