Tofu 101

Tara's Tuesday Tips Tofu 101 #myvegetarianfamily

Tara’s Answers to Ten Tofu Questions:

  1. What is it? Soy milk condensed and pressed into blocks
  2. Does it contain protein: Yes! 8 grams of protein and only 70 calories per serving makes tofu a great nutrient-dense food that packs a lot of protein for not many calories.
  3. Is it good for my heart? Lots of controversy surrounding this one. So, I am going to give a simple answer appropriate for my little vegetarian family blog: Yes, because if you are replacing a steak with tofu you are doing the right thing for your heart.  Also, the American Heart Association has this article discussing how eating a diet rich in “super foods” will protect your heart. Tofu is one of those foods.
  4. Will it give me cancer? Again, lots of controversy. Too much for my little food blog.  However, the most recent 2017 studies are showing us that soy (tofu) is safe, will not cause cancer, and may actually help prevent cancers. My simple answer will always be – moderation is key and eat a variety of foods.   Here is an article from an American Cancer Society Journal that goes into a lot of detail on this topic.
  5. Can I eat it if I have problems with my thyroid? Tofu has a substance in it called ‘goitrogen’ and it is possible that this could interfere with thyroid function so before eating tofu, ask your doctor.
  6. Do I need to buy organic tofu? Yes! Read my Guide To Buying Organic here to learn more. Try to only eat organic tofu.
  7. Should I buy firm or soft tofu? Depends on what you are making. Firm tofu to chop and cook the chunks, soft if you are putting it in your smoothie or blending it in a dessert or custard.
  8. What other good things are in tofu? Calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, folate, vitamin B-6, manganese.
  9. Can I eat it if I am vegan? Yes.  Is it Gluten Free? Yes. Is it dairy free? Yes. Can I eat it if I am diabetic? YES! You absolutely should. This is a great nutrient dense food for diabetics. Can I eat it if I have a soy allergy? No, there is a cross sensitivity and you may get a reaction.
  10. How Do I Cook It? So glad you asked! See my recipe here for a beginner’s guide to cooking tofu.

Hope you learned a lot about tofu! Questions? Leave them in the comments below!

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