Hummus with Veggies

tuesday toast hummus sandwich

The Vegetarian Lunchbox:

Hummus with Veggies on Sprouted Grain Bread

This week in Tara’s Tuesday Tips we learned about weight loss for vegetarians.  The same rules apply for maintaining your weight and an overall healthy lifestyle.  I feel that the most overlooked but oh so important tip on that list is getting enough fiber.  Most Americans only get about half the fiber they need daily.  But why? Fiber fills you up, prevents blood sugar fluctuations, resulting in increased satiety and therefore decreased calorie intake.  Bring on the fiber!

This recipe has lots of fiber! Sprouted grains bread is an excellent option when choosing bread.  It packs in fiber and protein without lots of sugar and calories, and best of all it is made from organic sprouted grains.  This hummus is made from chick peas, garlic, and oil … that’s all … no tahini.  Topped with veggies as if you didn’t have enough fiber already!

Need something to go with it? How about popcorn or a whole wheat muffin?


  1. Follow tahini-free hummus recipe to make homemade hummus
  2. Toast the sprouted grain bread (I use Food for Life)
  3. Add veggies: spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, sprouts, carrots, olives
  4. Place another toasted bread slice on top for a sandwich, wrap, and go, or eat your toast open-face with one slice of bread.

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