So You Think You Want To Be A Vegetarian?

Becoming VegetarianTara’s 10 Tips On Becoming A Vegetarian:

  1. Why?: When my (vegetarian) family and I are faced with making a change or a decision, we identify the “why” first. From the words of one of my favorite authors and speakers, Simon Sinek, “Everyone knows what they do and how they do it, but few people know why they do it”. Figure out “why” you want to become vegetarian, write it down, and let it inspire you.
  2. Tell people: It is not difficult to tell people about what you are up to. I think you know what I mean … Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest … you get it … share the news, join people on their journey, lean on those that help lift you towards your goal and happily ignore the others.
  3. Start slow: no one ever said change was easy but slow change is easier and will have a more lasting effect. Start with one event, one meal, one day, or one animal at a time. Pick a starting point and start. If you fail, well ok, start again but don’t quit.
  4. Make a plan: write it down. Find a recipe, make a grocery list, buy your  vegetarian staples, cook and enjoy … knowing that nothing lost its life for you to eat.  Plan the next meal and it becomes easier and easier each time.
  5. Try new foods: This is the fun one! Try out new ethnic foods, new spices, new recipes, new restaurants, be brave!! Keeping it interesting will make it easier.
  6. Make your favorite meat-meals with swaps: swap the meat in your favorite meat dish with a plant-based protein (like this one) . This can be an extremely helpful way to get over any cravings for meat that might come up. Sometimes knowing and understanding where your food comes from is enough to kill the craving for meat BUT if that doesn’t do it, a meat substitute now and then is not such a bad thing.
  7. Do your homework: read books, watch videos, follow vegetarian blogs and social media. So many resources to find your “why”, make a plan, and stick to it. If you are here you are off to a good start!
  8. Find good recipes: You are in the right place! Make Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter your new resources, AND ask your real vegetarian friends to share their favorites.
  9. Stop worrying about protein: wow …. Americans are so obsessed with protein!!! Stop worrying about getting enough protein!!! You will!! Nuts, organic free-range eggs, organic dairy, organic grass-fed whey protein powders, vegan protein powders, yogurt, organic non-GMO tofu, vegetables, hummus, beans, grains, SO MANY options.
  10. Ditch the stereotypes: Not all vegetarians are hippies, or anemic, or weak, or judgmental, or boring, or querulous! Ditch the stereotypes and you are one step closer to ditching the meat.

That’s my list! Any vegetarians out there have any other tips to add?


  1. Abigail Bouzianis Abigail Bouzinais

    This is very well written! As a long term vegetarian, I think these are extremely helpful tips, as well as motivating. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Tara

      I am happy to hear that, Abigail! So happy to have a veteran vegetarian agree!!


  2. Robert

    Great list. Start small and try new foods!

    1. Tara

      Thanks, Robert! Starting with small changes is very helpful so that you can get used to the change in eating habits gradually. Trying new foods is fun!!


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