Why Are You Vegetarian?

Tara’s top 10 answers:

  1. It isn’t difficult.  I know quite a few things that are more difficult including running a marathon, solving certain algebraic equations, getting all the colors back on the correct sides of the Rubiks cube, raising a teenager … I could go on and on …
  2. I do not believe that any living creature should have to lose its life for me to eat
  3. I find peace in knowing that I am part of the solution to the severe ecological troubles our planet faces, not part of the problem
  4. I want to live longer
  5. I am vegetarian to help my body fight off obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease
  6. I enjoy limiting my exposure to livestock drugs, bacteria, and agricultural chemicals
  7. I believe in nonviolence and death by slaughter doesn’t exactly fit in the “non” part of that word
  8. I am taking a stance against factory farming and famine.  If all the grain that feeds the animals to be slaughtered went to humans then the humans would not go hungry
  9. Money. Vegetarians have been tallied at spending about $4000 less on groceries every year and that doesn’t even include the money saved on health care bills
  10. I like to annoy my friends and family

Just a few of my favorite answers … that should help you answer the question … have any to add to my list?